Liquid Nitrogen Status Alarm
Reliable low and high level alarms for use in cryogenic un-pressurized vessels to 'protect' biological samples. The alarm unit is configured to detect when the liquid nitrogen level falls below a preset level or goes above a preset level for a high over fill alarm.

Level Indication and Alarm
Reliable and accurate indication of liquid levels for most non-conducting fluids and particularly suitable for use with liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, liquid oxygen and liquid carbon dioxide. We offer a wide range of units that are a simple replacement for float type gauges in pressurised vessels; and longer probe lengths are available for use with bulk tank units. All models available with 8mm o.d. for use in a wide range of products in the area of superconductivity, high field magnets, cryogenics and advanced instrumentation.

Temperature Monitors
Quantum offers an extensive range of temperature monitoring  and logging equipment. All cover a range from +200ºC to -200ºC and allow the user to configure the alarm points as required.

ISIS Systems
We offer a range of automatic fill and manual fill systems that can be fitted to most vessels with ease. A highly sophisticated control panel runs the system. A full installation service is also available.

LNG Level Gauge and Alarm
Quantum Production has been involved with the design of monitoring and control systems for LNG applications for over 10 years. We specialise in LNG fuel display systems to integrate into commercial vehicles. The reliability and accuracy of the display is vital, as it is used to display the remaining fuel in the vehicle.

Bio-Storage Freezers
We are constantly innovating when it comes to bio-storage. Our latest product - Polaris - takes dry storage systems to a new level.