GSM Alarm System

GSM Alarm System (Remote Monitoring for Telemetry Systems)

The Quantum GSM monitoring system provides a telemetry facility for interactive remote monitoring of liquid levels, when used in conjunction with any of the Quantum level gauge models with telemetry outputs. The GSM device uses wireless communication through the worldwide GSM, via text messages or emails. The system also interfaces to other compatible devices for recording of critical cryogenic data such as temperatures, pressures and gas levels.

The Quantum GSM can be connected in just a few easy steps to the level gauge (telemetry output required) to allow the user to remotely access up to date information on demand, or to receive an update at a pre-defined time, or simply to be sent alarm messages when they occur. The SIM card for the system is provided and controlled by the user.


The Quantum GSM can also interfaces to an internet logging facility, CryoTel, for ongoing recording of data. Logging can be set up to record as frequently as desired but only to download once a day, for cost effective usage. Data can be viewed via CryoWeb allowing you to have the complete history of your liquid nitrogen usage at all times.

Key Features

1.    Powered by local PSU, solar panel or internal batteries
2.    SIM card provided by the user
3.    Wireless communication via SMS & GPRS using the worldwide GSM
4.    Multi-input device with up to 4 channels that can be connected to level gauge and other Quantum products and compatible devices
5.    Each input can be programmed for two alarm points with automatic dialing to up to 5 different users. 
6.    Interactive facility to allow the user to dial in to check level status on demand, saving wasted time in visiting site
7.    Monitoring equally suitable for a single user or for a central station

8. Flexible programming to provide more complex system set up such as averaging of multiple tanks or specific call escalation requirements if users don’t respond