DryStore (BioStorage Freezer with Data Monitoring and Control)

DryStore is the innovative and unique solution to your cryogenic storage. It is different from traditional methods where it involves immersion in liquid nitrogen, while vapour storage houses samples in a shelf above a liquid reservoir. By housing liquid nitrogen in a thermal jacket that surrounds the DryStore chamber, a truly dry system is assured.


The protection of your precious biological samples is critical so, DryStore is the perfect solution to your cryopreservation facility to protect the quality of your biological samples.

  • Continuous liquid nitrogen level monitoring and automatic filling control can be configured at particular time each day in order to fit with existing liquid distribution systems. Manual filling is also possible through simple start/stop switches.
  • A large LCD user interface displays a graphical representation of the respective freezer unit including the status of liquid level, temperature, filling and venting valves, date, time and duration of last vessel fill and alarm indications.
  • This allows instantaneous alert to the user and is also recorded onto our bespoke data logging software, CryoLog which records the status history of the freezer directly on your PC. CryoLog Web also allows live remote monitoring of your freezers through the internet. This ensures a full record is readily available for a complete audit trail.
  • Remote alarm can be optionally set-up to auto-dial numbers and send e-mail notification to respective users in the event of alarm.
Key Features
  • Cross contamination risk minimised
    Liquid nitrogen is housed in a thermal jacket that surrounds the DryStore chamber, a truly dry system ensures samples are completely separated from liquid nitrogen. Where DryStore units are used to store blood or body fluids, the compliance with the essential requirements of the Medical Devices Directives (Directive 93/42/EEC) Class IIa applies.
  • Ease of use, safe to operate 
    DryStore features a wide neck opening to sample storage area, this design ensures within moments of opening chamber lid the vapour cloud rapidly clears leaving a clear view, ideal for frequent, safe and simple access to samples. In a facility where both bulk nitrogen pipelines and small, portable vessels exists, DryStore has been designed to cope with the fluctuations in supply pressure.
  • Accuracy of temperature monitoring
    It is crucial to know the temperature of your samples as opposed to the temperature of the chamber wall. The temperature probe in the DryStore is located at the top of the chamber, insulated from the wall ensuring consistent internal temperatures down to -190°C is achieved. This way temperature is measured at one of the warmest points to safeguard the security of the samples, wherever they are located in the chamber.
  • Advanced in monitoring and control technology
    The DryStore LCD user interface allows control over manual or automatic top-ups of liquid nitrogen and the status of the freezer unit is provided at all times. The CryoLog, data logging and monitoring software enclosed is installed locally on the PC, enables the status history of each freezer unit to be recorded and archived. Remote system performance via CryoLog Web, the internet enabled feature is configured to allow operators exclusive access, anywhere, anytime to monitor the status of your cryopreservation facility.
    Additionally, a selection of additional features allows for urgent alerts to be directed to your e-mail or nominated mobile phones as appropriately required. Integration with existing BMS of the building enhances the security and flexibility is achieved through the connection to LAN network to allow greater accessibility.
  • Customised, hassle free installations
    Having established a team of experienced technical engineers, with over ten years of industry knowledge, we at Quantum offer a complete turnkey solution in advice, design and installation service. Detailed user manual, operator training and full set-up is included as part of the installation service. Quantum offers the most thorough solution to ensure your cryopreservation facility is fully operational, emphasising all the security and safety issues.
  • Service and support for your peace of mind
    Dedicated technical staff is always available on the phone during office hours. They are fully qualified to do an initial assessment of the problem and provide you with the best solution. In the event of an emergency, critical calls are answered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.