QPL3K (Control panel for ISIS system)

The ISIS system provides liquid nitrogen on demand to areas that are remote from the bulk tank supply point. The system overcomes the dangers associated with manually handling dewars from the delivery point to the usage point. ISIS also avoids long wait times and high liquid losses associated with systems that are run ‘dry’ and the high losses from keeping a pipeline continuously full of liquid.  

The ISIS system is supplied by Thames Cryogenics, contact David Cooke on +44 (0) 1235 750021 for more information about the ISIS system.




The ISIS system is based on providing a pressurised dewar at the usage point. The dewar remains in the location where liquid is required and is filled once a day or on demand via a vacuum super-insulated pipeline from the bulk tank. A highly sophisticated control panel (QPL3K) is then used to control filling, decanting and venting on a timed basis or when the liquid level in the dewar has reached a pre-set level. The system is then completed with a frame mounted control valve arrangement using high reliability valves to allow all safety and vent valves to be piped away to a safe area using vent pipework. ISIS allows this local dewar to be filled ready for use in decanting or automatic filling of downstream equipment such as cryopreservation freezers.

Key Features

Gas venting is used to purge the pipeline and leave the line primed and ready for liquid nitrogen supply at the start of the process, discharging the gas to a safe area.

The QPL3K instructs the dewar to commence filling on a time based signal from the level of the vessel or using a manual trigger.

Once the pressurised dewar is full, the system will automatically cut off, holding liquid ready for local use.

Links to gas monitoring detection systems and BMS for full monitoring and safety.

Removal of hazardous manual handling of pressurised dewars.

Liquid on demand with minimal losses in pipework system.

Intelligent system which monitors freezer filling status and gives priority to freezer filling in preference to dewar filling.