QFM330 (O2 Deficiency Monitor)

Easy-to-install, wall-mounted, modular oxygen deficiency monitor and warning alarm system, providing continuous monitoring of oxygen concentration in the surrounding air and both visual and audible alarms when these fall outside pre-set levels.


The QFM330 Oxygen Monitor may be used as a stand-alone device with its own audible and visual alarms, or linked to other repeater modules to mimic the condition of the monitor. Repeater modules can be connected to the QFM330 and located outside the monitored area to warn users at the point of entry. The system can be fully customised to allow multiple location monitoring and further modules can be easily added at a later date to expand the scope of the system.

NB Oxygen deficiency monitors must not be used for the detection of carbon dioxide gas.

Key Features

Oxygen monitor unit operates continuously for two years and cannot be switched off, giving maximum user protection.

Built-in visual and audible alarms with separate ‘low’ and ‘critical’ alarm states.

Internal Audible alarm is 85dBA at 30cm.

Long life oxygen sensors provide 24 months operation in normal use.

Audible/visual alarms at the monitoring point not only at a remote location.

Oxygen enrichment, deficiency and high/low monitoring options.

Simple & secure connections to repeater modules using a pre-wired plug in connector (up to a maximum of 100m).

Modular system which allows the user to completely design and customise the system to suit his exact requirements.

Suitable for use in high magnetic fields.