CryoLog (BioStorage Data Logging and Alert System)

Protection of the quality of biological samples is paramount, so CryoLog is a bespoke data logging and alert system that has been developed to provide total hands on control and remote web access capability to monitor a full record of all your biostorage sample’s history. The secure access of CryoLog ensures peace of mind operation of your biostorage facility anywhere, anytime.


In a typical cryopreservation facility, there are a wide range of input parameters from various equipment and devices that must be monitored continuously. CryoLog is capable of monitoring up to 126 freezer units simultaneously and provides live and historical readings of critical information such as liquid nitrogen level, temperature, all alarms and filling/venting duration of freezer. An optional choice of remote telephone monitoring or gas monitoring panels can be directly connected with the CryoLog system. Compatibility of CryoLog is assured for most major brands of biostorage refrigerators and dewars and the unique DryStore and Polaris range. Integration with existing BMS is also possible to provide a complete control, monitoring and alert system for all respective users within the cryopreservation environment. 

Key Features
  • Direct connection with freezer and GUI panels – Less wiring hassle, safety risk reduced.  Achieve local area network connection with ease. Capable of wireless connection for further monitoring flexibility.
  • Reliable pre-configured server for connection onto your own network at your premises - Easy maintenance of database. Back-up readily available in the event of loss power supply.
  • Graphical user interface, fully automated logging and monitoring with customised alarm settings - Choice of freezer monitoring parameters (including liquid level, temperature and liquid usage).  Monitoring of automated liquid nitrogen venting and filling.  Various alarm settings including e-mail, SMS and local area network alert.
  • Anywhere, anytime access to secure server - Local area network, wireless and web access to monitor status of laboratory, freezers and other ancillary devices. Access to all records is limited by electronic signature (unique user name and password).
  • Assured back-up on dedicated server, guaranteed long term storage of data. - Compliance with Directive 93/42/EEC Class IIa - Annex 11 and FDA code 21 CFR part 11. Data integrity assured with complete audit trail records and software qualification protocols verified for a secure system performance.