DigiTemp DCT500Mv2

DigiTemp DCT500Mv2

The DigiTemp Digital Electronic Tank Thermometers are used in the transportation of hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food products and beverages to monitor temperatures at all stages of product transportation from initial fill through to delivery. The unit monitors temperature using a rugged compact PT1000 sensor on the end of a flexible lead which can be either directly mounted on the metal surface of the tank or within a thermowell. The display is surface mounted on the exterior of the tank with an easy to read large size digital display which continuously shows temperature in degrees Celsius.

Key Features

Large Highly visible LCD display.

Guaranteed for 5 years and battery life of over ten years.

Durable, tough GRP case that is waterproof to IP67 and which eliminates surface electrochemical corrosion problems.

Polycarbonate impact resistant front face.

Easy installation – drilled for pop rivet or screw fixing.

Suitable for new and older tanks as replacement for mechanical thermometers.

No moving parts to fall off or wear out.

Min/Max display (option) can be used with security key.

Data logging option for later download.

Secondary output option for satellite monitoring to interface with third party equipment.