Welcome to Quantum Cryogenics

From its inception 40 years ago, Quantum Cryogenics has provided end to end solutions for its customers in the cryogenic and transport industries. Today, Quantum’s mission is to keep people, assets and technology safe with globally connected smart monitoring solutions.

Implementing Smart Monitoring Solutions


Our Solution

Through our innovative monitoring and control devices, you can focus on your business without worrying if product samples are safe, temperatures are correct, or supply vessels are low.

Our Solution Diagram
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Smart Devices

Our range of smart IoT devices connect remotely to our state-of-the-art cloud CryoHub software, providing single point visually powerful graphics locally and integrated alarm reporting remotely.

Creative Solutions

Our bespoke CryoHub software has been developed in-house by our talented software engineers. We have ensured real time data is available on applications ranging from cryogenic vessels at scale in a Cryobank, to tank fleets traveling globally.

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Wherever you are

Equipment access is now achievable, wherever you are in the world with our global CryoHub software, providing complete control and peace of mind.

Keep your people, assets and technology safe




Quantum Production Ltd is delighted to have been supported with The Polaris 94 vessel development by Devon County Council and the
Devon Elevation Fund Community Renewal Fund in the new design of our Polaris 94 large Biostorage vessel.