Introduction to CryoHub

Connectivity is the future. That is why we are launching smart technology that is ready to meet industry-specific needs within a highly connected world. Thanks to the Quantum culture of relentless innovation, we have developed IoT+ devices that span the full Quantum product range. Sophisticated device sensors transmit data to our state-of-the-art IoT CryoHub software, enabling us to work, and work together. CryoHub is an industry-leading data logging and alert system, developed to provide total hands-on control and remote web access capability. This helps to ensure true operational peace of mind, anywhere, anytime.

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CryoHub the Cloud Solution

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CryoHub Key Features

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CryoHub In Action

Find out more about our smart IoT devices that connect remotely to our state-of-the-art cloud CryoHub software.

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CryoHub the Cloud Solution

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Direct wireless connection with IoT devices such as Polaris Vector freezers and CryoPanel+, meaning less complex wiring and reduced safety risk.

Reliable cloud-based server for global remote access providing easier database access and maintenance.

Fully automated logging and monitoring with customised alarm settings, graphical user interface and choice of monitoring parameters (including liquid level, temperature and liquid usage). Various alarm settings including e-mail, SMS and local area network alert.

Anywhere, anytime access to a secure server, including local area network, wireless and web access to monitor equipment status. Access to all records is limited by electronic signature (unique username and password).

GSM communication & security with no need for computer hardware on site, the Quantum Cryogenics GSM allows encrypted communication via GPRS with CryoHub in the cloud, requiring no interaction with your company network and therefore no security breaches.

Assured back-up on a dedicated server with guaranteed long-term storage of data. Data integrity is assured with complete audit trail records and software qualification protocols verified for a secure system performance.

Seamless integration with both new and older equipment, both within and outside the Quantum ecosystem.

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CryoHub Key Features

Cryohub key features

Observatory Mode enables an overview of real time data from all of your equipment sites, anywhere in the world, all on one screen.

Reordering - CryoHub can predict when you need your next liquid nitrogen delivery based on historic and current usage, allowing you to focus on your real work without unnecessary manual checks.

Intelligent monitoring - CryoHub gathers huge quantities of data enabling intelligent monitoring of information, for example with a -80 biostorage freezer we can tell you if temperature changes are due to a defect or something as simple as the product door being left open.

Dynamic graphing - Immediately visualise data across your choice of timeframes or run a full data report to your personalised specification.

Customisable data - your choice of data parameters (e.g. temperature, pressure, liquid level and oxygen alarm) and alarm parameters with alerts via text-message, email or phone call.

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CryoHub In Action

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In a typical facility, there are a wide range of input parameters from various equipment and devices that must be monitored continuously.

CryoHub is capable of monitoring up to 126 monitoring devices simultaneously and provides live and historical readings of critical information such as gas levels, temperature, critical alarms and filling/venting of biostorage freezers.

Compatibility of CryoHub is assured for most major brands of gas monitoring and other laboratory devices. CryoHub interfaces directly with CryoPanel + using Bluetooth/GPRS technology. Integration with existing BMS is also possible to provide a complete control, monitoring and alert system for all users within the immediate environment.

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